AF1 cold air blower module - Clears runway lights from ice and snow!

The AF1 cold air blower module is an essential airport maintenance tool to clear rapidly snow and ice off runways, runway lights, taxiways, and aprons.  This unit is engineered to be mounted on any European and Asian commercial carriers that meet requirements.

Equipped with a 328-kW Diesel turbocharged Tier 3 engine, the blower  fan generates an air jet reaching speed of up to 850 km/h at the nozzle outlet. With such blowing power, the AF1 removes snow and blasts away hard packed snow. This effective ice and snow control solution improves airfield winter maintenance operations and reduces costs.

Useful all year round, the AF1 airport cold air blower module is the ideal equipment to get rid of standing water, grass clippings, dust, worms, clam shells, and debris off airfields that might be drawn into aircraft engines.

Great for FODs control!

AF1 One man joystick operation

AF1 One man joystick operation
Highly maneuverable, the nozzle of the AF1 is hydraulically controlled by a joystick system to be installed inside the carrier's cabin to:

      Vary the air flow and speed
      Rotate the nozzle to the left or the right
      Move the nozzle up and down from 76 to 832 mm
        off the ground
      Tilt the nozzle toward the target


Advantages of the AF1 cold air blower

      Reduces runway occupancy time
      Replaces runway light manual clearing operations
      Clears single and multiple light clusters in seconds
      Removes snow, ice, water, dust, FODs
      Doesn't generate a snow windrow
      Increases runway tolerance
      Diminishes broom usage
      Cleans pavement crevices where bristles cannot reach
      Reduces operating costs
      Decreases risks of engine damages related to FODs


Summary technical specifications

Bouton RFQ anglais
      Air speed: up to 850 km
      Airflow: up to 9.21 m3/s

Download technical dataBlower
      Power: 328 kW turbocharged Diesel Tier 3 engine
      Two-stage centrifugal oversized fan

      Must be able to receive and travel safely with the AF1 unit
      The wheelbase must be in the range of 4318 mm to 5537 mm
      Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is minimally 18,595 kg:
          Front axle capacity: GVWR - 8,162 kg
          Rear axle capacity: GVWR - 10,433 kg

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Maintain airfields in a breeze!

AF1 runway lights ice removal
Ice is removed from runway lights

Centerline before cleaningCenterline after cleaning Runway centerline lights are cleared from ice and snow