AF1 EVO cold air blower for railroads - A new EVOLUTIVE design

On the market for over 25 years, the AF1 cold air blower system has proven to be an effective winter fighting machine and has become the backbone of railway maintenance operations of major rail companies and transit authorities.

Using ambient air, the cold air blower generates 860 km/h (535 mph) wind and 19,500 cfm of airflow to clear accumulating snow, ice and hard-packed snow from switches, third rails, and tracks without creating any condensation.

The new AF1 EVO version provides flexibility to save time and increase equipment usability. The AF1 EVO allows driving long distances on public roads without special permits, enabling you to clean and prepare different rail sites with a single man.

AF1 EVO new features

Nozzle positioning for work and travel modes

AF1 EVO work mode

Work mode: the nozzle is positioned at the front
AF1 EVO travel mode

Travel mode: the nozzle is positioned at the back

Self-contained and removable module

Completely self-contained, the cold air blower module is engineered to be rapidly removed from its carrier at season changes to use the truck with other equipment.
AF1 EVO dessin

Advantages of the AF1 EVO cold air blower

      Clears switches more rapidly than manual operations
      No need for the operator to get out on the tracks
      Safer for the operator
      Can travel long distances between sites
      The blower module and the carrier have independent fuel tanks to avoid accidental carrier running-on-empty situations
      Increases productivity
      The carrier can be put at work all year round when equipped with other deck truck equipment


Summary technical specifications

Bouton RFQ anglais
     Air speed: up to 860 km (535 mph)
     Airflow: up to 9.21 m3/s (19,500 cfm)

Download technical data Blower
     Power: 310 kW (416 hp) turbocharged Diesel Tier 4 Final engine
     Three-stage centrifugal oversized fan

Carrier (standard)
     Peterbilt 520, available in single and double rear axle configurations
     Mounted with hi-rail systems
Regulatory Compliance

Meets all applicable requirements of the following regulations
regarding design, construction, performance, durability, and safety:

     FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards)
     CMVSS (Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards)

Maintain switches and tracks in a breeze!

AF1 EVO cold air blower for railroads

Snow is rapidly removed from tracks