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Blizzard loader-mounted cold air blower

The Blizzard, a compact version of the AF1 cold air blower, is used for seasonal and winter airfield maintenance operations. With its high velocity wind and its remarkable airflow, the Blizzard clears grass clippings, snow, ice patches, standing water, dust, FODs, and organic material from runways, taxiways, aprons, and airfield signs.

In addition, the Blizzard is the ideal equipment to rapidly remove both fresh and packed snow around airport runway lights. Designed to be front mounted on a wheel loader, this unique attachment is the ideal investment for regional and municipal airports.

Advantages of the Blizzard cold air blower

        Removes FODs, grass clippings, snow, ice, water, dust
        Replaces runway lights manual clearing operations
        Clears single and multiple light clusters in seconds
       Diminishes broom usage
        Increases runway tolerance
        Cleans pavement crevices where bristles cannot reach
        Reduces operating costs
        Decreases risks of engine damages related to FODs

Using a current loader from your fleet, the Blizzard can be mounted in less than one minute. The cold air blower is equipped with an adjustable nozzle which provides the desired airflow ensuring precise and efficient clearing.


Comfortably seated, the loader operator can easily monitor and control all the nozzle movements with screens and a joystick installed inside the cabin.

Summary technical specifications

Bouton RFQ anglais Performance
       Air speed: up to 581 km (361 mph)
       Airflow: up to 4.35 m3/s (9,165 cfm)

Download technical dataUnit weight
      2,722 kg (6,000 lb)

      To be mounted on a wheel loader

Maintain airfields in a breeze!

Blizzard grass clippings
Clears grass clippings and dust from runway edges

Blizzard lights before  Blizzard lights after
Clears runway lights in seconds

Blizzard light cluster before  Blizzard light cluster after
Clears light clusters in a single operation

Blizzard ice patches
Reduces broom usage e.g. removes ice patches