New Cameleon® Series 2 - Tracked Sidewalk Plow

Simplify sidewalks and walkways winter maintenance operations with the New Cameleon® Series 2. The Cameleon® Series 2 has all the key features for outstanding performance. The combination of its powerful engine and robust track system with sufficient weight produces an unequaled pushing power. The hydrostatic two-speed transmission system amplifies the tractor’s dynamic performance.

The Cameleon® Series 2 is an essential tool for sidewalk snow clearing operations, allowing municipality maintenance crews to cover more distance with less equipment. With its compact format and track propulsion system, the Cameleon® Series 2 is ideal for narrow sidewalks and tight spaces.

Municipal sidewalk tractorCameleon S2 Municipal Tracked Sidewalk Plow

The redesigned cabin of the Cameleon® offers excellent
visibility and more space for the operator’s legs and head.
Comfortable and ergonomic, the cabin includes many
features to reduce operator fatigue and increase safety.

Summary technical specifications

Cabin height:
2217 mm (87.3 in.) Bouton RFQ anglais
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Overall width:
1300 mm (51.3 in.)
Overall length:
3525 mm (138.8 in.)
Turning radius:
0 degree
Power: Cat® 86 kW (115 hp) C3.4 Tier 4 Final turbo Diesel engine
Hydraulic system: Maximum operating pressure of 152 bar (2200 psi)
Quick couplings: Front and rear hydraulic connectors for attachments
Towing capacity: 2722 kg (6000 lb)

The Cameleon® Series 2 can be fitted with the following attachments:

Municipal tracked sidewalk plow
Municipal sidewalk tractor V-plow
Municipal tracked sidewalk snow blower

Standard snow plow


Snow blower
Municipal tracked sidewalk spreader
Municipal tracked sidewalk spreader
Compact back spreader
Trailer spreader